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water jet CNC cutting machine

water jet CNC cutting machine-sample
water jet CNC cutting machine-sample
water jet CNC cutting machine-sample

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What is water jet CNC cutting machine?
Water jet CNC cutting machine is by CNC cutting lathe, high pressure system, CAD/CAM software, cutting head, high-pressure water off valve, sand control systems, automated supply system and other abrasive cutting system composed of.
Water jets cutting machine is able to cut complex shapes and parts in almost any material-from metals of all sorts, to stone, glass, ceramics, rubber, plastics and composites-all up to 8 inches thick.
Functions and structures                                 
With an additional cutting head, it’s possible to further increase the machine’s productivity and economically produce multiple parts.
Compact machine design: guide machine, water tank, settling tank, and control cabinet are mounted on one frame, making the machine easy to transport and requiring minimal installation.
Technical parameters
Pump type
Dual plunger reciprocal intensifier
Max pressure
400Mpa (55kpsi)
Pump cooling type
Water circulation or electrical chiller
Motion system
Ball screw and linear guide
Motion driver
Servo motors
Max travel speed
10m/min (32ft/min)
Position repeatability
Controller type
PC with software in Microsoft Windows
Z axis travel
150mm (6mm) driven by motor
Multi-head support
Supports 1-3 cutting hearts
Power requirement
3 phase, 220-480VAC, 45KW, 50HP
Cutting table size
Choose from
1300*1300mm, 1500*2000mm, 1500*2500mm
1500*3000mm, 2000*3000mm, 2000*4000mm



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