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The major innovation of the laser cutting machine enterprise

Author:     Date:14-06-30, 08:33 PM

laser cutting machineInnovative enterprise is the decisive force in the construction of innovative country. With the encouragement of the enterprise independent innovation policy measures have been formulated, independent innovation has been hitherto unknown attention. For the laser cutting machine industry, the increasingly fierce market competition, the ability of independent innovation has become a hot topic. Adhere to the scientific development, the protection of intellectual property rights, to master the core technology, improve the ability of innovation gradually for the laser cutting machine enterprise value. In the face of a "strategic opportunity eleven five", laser cutting machine enterprise how to carry out independent innovation?

The ability of independent innovation is the core competitiveness of a country, but also the key to the survival and development of enterprises. Practice has proved, the independent innovation is the strategic choice in the period of economic transformation in china. Only to improve the capability of independent innovation, enhance the capacity of independent development of enterprise technology, grasp the independent intellectual property rights, breakthrough in developed countries and Multi-National Corporation's technical monopoly and blockage, strive for more favorable trade status and the competitive advantage, to improve our international competitiveness and ability to resist risks provide important support. In recent years China laser cutting machine industry development, obtained remarkable result, happened to turn the world upside down change, but in the development of the back we can see there are all sorts of crisis in the industry. Now, people's living standard grow with each passing day, the product quality is also put forward higher requirements. Thus, it has received more and more attention to laser cutting machine, in the development of an unprecedented state of manufacturing industry also provides laser cutting machine more opportunity and challenge,the prospect of laser cutters for sale is very good.

With the manufacturing industry gradually expanded and diversified, will also receive sufficient space for development of laser cutting machine, such as the increase in capacity and speed, design novel, discard the shortcomings of former equipment, in addition to the expansion of the scope of application, the impact on the development of the industry. The characteristics of high precision and efficiency can meet the processing requirements of all walks of life increasingly progress. Although China's laser cutting machine industry has achieved certain development and progress, the added value and the labor productivity but our laser cutting machine industry is still relatively low, high level of production capacity is not enough, low level of excess production capacity, technological innovation capability is weak, the product technology content and low added value of products. But there is a product with high added value growth continued to increase, a substantial increase in profits to the high-end market, transfer the future competition will inevitably. So, more and more enterprises have begun to realize China, laser cutting machine industry, stick in the low-end of the field at the same time, more should be expanded in the development and manufacture of high-end products.

Technology innovation, the upgrading of product upgrade is also a kind of transformation of the mode of. In addition, laser cutting machine, the enterprise can also through changing the operating mode, the operator of the sales of services and consumer innovation service mode, to achieve the purpose of the transformation and upgrading of enterprises,the prospect of laser cutting machine for sale is very good.

Innovation itself is a kind of culture, especially when the independent innovation has become the main thrust of an industry, industrial development will have a continuous dynamic. Laser cutting machine industry competition is the cultural competition, around one of the most important problems of independent innovation is the knowledge of the respect, respect for talent and knowledge about the product's respect. Laser cutting machine for the enterprise to improve the core competitiveness, we must accelerate the innovation of science and technology, increase scientific and technological input step, the technology with the patent market.

Innovation is the soul of an enterprise, is an inexhaustible motive force for the prosperity of enterprises. Laser cutting machine of our country enterprise wants to survive in the world enterprises in the forest, we must insist on innovation, take the open road, create international brand. Tracking the international laser enterprises successful development experience, based on the platform of industry garden, in the field of laser cutting machine to form a benign circulation professional, industrial system, optimize the allocation of resources, strengthen and foreign top laser enterprises and units of cooperation, and actively introducing foreign advanced technology, independent innovation platform to build their own,the prospect of laser cutter machine for sale is very good.

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