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Several important types of laser cutting machine

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laser cutting machine

Generally speaking, there are three different configurations of industrial laser cutting machine: Material sports, mixed sports, flying optics systems. These systems relate to the way the laser beam is moved, and the material to be cut. For all of these, the axis motion is usually specified X and Y axes. If the cutting head can be controlled, it is designated as a Z axis,the prospect of laser cutters for sale is very good.

Moving material with the laser cutting head cutting a moving platform, the method provides a constant distance from the laser generator to the distance from a fixed point of the workpiece. It requires fewer optical components, but need to move the platform. This style machines often have minimal beam delivery optics, but also tend to be the slowest. Heteroaryl wherein a laser cutting machine to the axes (X axis), SMT stencil laser cutting machine, to move the laser head along a shorter (Y) axis. This will be allowed to add a simple transmission system, thereby greatly increasing the working range of the laser, reducing material loss.

Flying optics laser with a fixed station and a mobile multi-axis laser cutting head (laser beam). Flight laser cutting process is often not required in gripping materials. Since the moving mass of the laser head is constant, the laser cutting machine, the workpiece will not be affected so that the production of different sizes. Ray is the fastest flight type, especially when cutting thinner workpiece.

Pulsed laser energy is provided by a high-power pulse trains, which in some laser cutting process is very effective, especially for piercing, or when the need is very small pores or very low cutting speeds, because the use of a constant laser beam can reach the melting point of the heat thus affecting the quality of the entire film.

Lasers for metal cutting Due to the physical nature of the metal, a metal plate cutting machine is suitable for processing by laser. In the laser machining process, the workpiece is related to the absorption coefficient of the laser, FPC laser cutting machine, the concepts of thermal conductivity. Represents the absorption coefficient of the laser power can be absorbed, the thermal conductivity of the heat conduction means how fast.

Laser cutting machine in the cutting of metal, iron, steel, mild steel and stainless steel are very easy to cut. FPC laser cutting machine, which is due to the high absorption of these materials for precious metal laser, CO2 laser is used to cut the gold, silver and other precious metals is almost impossible. However, if the Nd: YAG lasers, because of their different wavelength, the laser beam is more easily coupled into certain materials. FPC laser cutting machine, therefore, Nd: YAG laser cutting non-ferrous heavy metals and precious metals are often used, for example, in the jewelry industry.

It should be mentioned that the, FPC laser cutting machines, in addition to metal, non-metal such as cardboard, leather, ceramic, glass, synthetic material can be cut with a CO2 laser,the prospect of laser cutting machine for sale  is very good.

Laser cutting and classification The concept of laser cutting Laser cutting is the use of a focused laser beam of high power density of the workpiece, in the context exceed the lasing threshold power density laser, the laser beam energy of the chemical reaction of reactive gas and the auxiliary cutting process all the energy is absorbed by the attachment materials, thereby causing a sharp rise in temperature laser action points. After reaching the boiling point of the material starts to be evaporated, the formation of holes, with the relative motion of the beam and the workpiece, the material eventually forming the slits, cutting slag seam, the assist gas must be blown.

Laser cutting technology is the laser technology is mainly used in industry, it has become the most widely used in the field of industrial processing laser processing methods.

Laser cutting Classification Laser cutting can be divided into vaporization, melting cutting, cutting and control of oxygen to help melt fracture cutting, which cut gas to help melt the most widely used. According cutting material can be divided into non-metallic metal laser cutting and laser cutting.

1. vaporization: When the laser cutting machine of high power density laser light is irradiated to the surface, the material in a very short time to be heated to the vaporization point, part of the material turned into steam to escape, a slit is formed, the power is generally 108W/cm2 magnitude, is required for melting the cutting mechanism 10 times the energy, which is the way most of the organic material and the cutting of ceramic employed. Such as: fire Yan laser developed FPC and PCB laser cutting machine laser cutting machine.

2. Melting cut: laser cutting machine is heated using a laser power to melt the workpiece while a non-coaxial with the beam by means of auxiliary oxidizing gas flow of molten material around the hole blown, away, the slit is formed. The power density required for vaporization of 1/10.

3. co-melting oxygen cutting: laser cutting a workpiece using a laser machine is heated to its ignition, using oxygen or other reactive gases of combustion of the material, the ignition of the substrate due to heat, except that the laser energy from the external heat source to another is generated while at the same time as a laser heat source . Such as: fire Yan developed laser SMT stencil laser cutting machine is the use of this mechanism.

4. Control fracture Cutting: Laser cutting machine by laser beam heating, high-speed thermal destruction vulnerable to brittle materials, controllable cut, called the control fracture cutting. A cutting mechanism can be summarized as: a laser beam heating small areas of the brittle material, causing drastic changes in temperature and severe thermal gradients consequent deformation of the material forming cracks. Control fracture cutting speed, just a small laser power, power is too high will cause the surface to melt and destroy slit edges. The main controllable parameters controlling fracture cutting laser power and spot size,the prospect of laser cutter machine for sale  is very good.

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