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Metal laser cutting machine the most appropriate working temperature

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metal laser cutting machine

The use of metal laser cutting machine, there is a certain degree of dependence on the environment. If you want to improve the metal laser cutting machine cutting efficiency, prolong its life, we must create a good working environment for it. Then, the metal laser cutting machine work best in what kind of environment?

Temperature and humidity, metal laser cutting machine shop must be equipped with air conditioning, temperature at 15-30 ℃. The air humidity is 40%-70%, and no condensation,the prospect of laser cutters for sale is very good.

From the supply side, the power grid metal laser cutting machine is the requirement of the three-phase five wire, AC380V, 50Hz; grid fluctuation is ± 3%, the grid wire must meet international requirements. Area voltage amplitude of 5% above, should be the installation of automatic voltage stabilizing device, and open phase protection device. Power supply grounding resistance shall be not more than 3 ohms.

In addition, the installation of the equipment, to check the nearby have no strong electromagnetic interference; installed around to avoid radio transmitting station. Foundation amplitude should be less than 50um; vibration acceleration to < 0.05g; to avoid a large number of stamping machines and other equipment in the vicinity.

Should keep the machine running temperature of laser cutting
The normal operation of laser cutting machine needs certain conditions. Generally speaking, the key components of NC is the numerical control system, the working environment is generally +70 degrees to -5 degrees in this room, in this temperature range, high temperature than low temperature effect on the machine by cutting metal laser small, much lower temperature, can lead to a pipe and cable is easy to break, the leakage and ground solution of the failure and poor!

For motor metal laser cutting machine, will have little impact, because the liquid lubricant is rarely used metal laser cutting machine parts, so it will not produce frozen field, the rest assured! Anyway, if there are conditions or to ensure workshop temperature is in 0 degrees above, should not be too low, long-term low temperature working condition, prone to mechanical wear is too large, premature aging!

In the cutting machine using metal laser when the temperature is not too high, will affect the control of CNC system, made in the crash, slow reaction, therefore, the use of metal laser cutting machine in proper temperature is very necessary,the prospect of laser cutting machine for sale is very good.

Want to make metal laser cutting machine to play a normal effect, maintain appropriate temperature is very important, it will also extend the service life of metal laser cutting machine, therefore, the operator must cause enough attention in this respect.

At present domestic large power and high back pressure switch high price, so a lot of circuit design using parallel output power tube only, which can reduce the manufacturing cost, but also can adjust the output according to the actual situation of processing.

Laser cutting machine power amplifier output level: by the pulse vibration level output, in spite of the preamplifier and shaping, but was merely a pulse signal amplifying, power is very small, can not be used for laser cutting machine. Therefore, it is necessary to carry on the power amplification, the voltage and current pulse enough, to meet the process requirements.

The size of the power, according to the actual processing conditions. In general, laser cutting machine workpiece more thick, more power is required when washed, otherwise the small.

Switch power amplifier tube like former work in the saturation, which can reduce the transistor power, the maximum output. In parallel, YAG laser crystal rod parameters in principle requirements, but in fact can not be absolutely consistent. For each tube output current negative sectional different power tube to prevent damage, so in the collector power each power amplifier tube connected in series of R3, R4, R5 without a sense resistor to be balanced. The resistance of the resistance is too large, the loss of power, the output power decreases; too small, not only to the current limiting balance effect, but also easy to burn the laser cutting machine transistor.

In laser cutting machine in the application of a universal force. In recent years, in order to adapt to the processing of materials and processing technology of chopping, create high frequency 5K kinds of punching power, technical indicators, economic indicators have a new breakthrough. Especially the new varieties, improve quality of components, to reduce the loss of molybdenum wire, adaptive control and improve the machining precision, smoothness, research productivity and other aspects, has made a lot of achievements, and in constant development. It can be predicted, not for a long time, will create a processing power generation of HS-WEDM's new, so as to improve the technological indexes close to or reach the world advanced level,the prospect of laser cutter machine for sale  is very good.

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