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metal laser cutting machine essentials

Author:     Date:14-06-28, 01:01 AM

laser cutting machineIn fact, metal laser cutting machine is to use the principle of laser, the laser shines on the metal surface, the metal vapor with high temperature, and then the liquefied gas is a kind of cutting machine. The model of the cutting head according to the walking trajectory programming good, machine cutting nozzle and the workpiece surface distance is the most key factor to determine the cutting quality and speed,the prospect of laser cutters for sale is very good.

For buyers, according to the production or manufacture of products processing, coupled with different materials and different thickness of surface processing, the laser requirements are not the same, and laser the laser cutting machine is the core of the most expensive places. Laser power size selection of different laser cutting machine, the prices are different.

Many businessmen in the purchase of fiber laser cutting machine, mostly on price for screening, in fact, the price is on the one hand, more important is to look at the material parameters of cutting machine and cutting machine manufacturer after sale service and so on, to all aspects of the factors to choose the metal cutting machine.

At present, a lot of laser equipment manufacturing enterprises in the development of new products at the same time while ignoring the old product quality improvement. This requires us to keep their eyes open at the time of purchase, the product especially laser processing equipment selection to analyze its structure, to understand its mechanical properties Is it right? Is reasonable and reliable, the software control Is it right? Convenient operation, the connection between the computer and equipment Is it right? Is convenient, operation process Is it right? Very clearly it is all we need to pay attention to the problemAny equipment in use process will appear in varying degrees of damage, the damage if the repair, repair it in time and the level of fees has become our second issues to be considered. So in the choice of the machine must be careful and prudent,the prospect of laser cutting machine for sale is very good.

Laser cutting of steel and aluminumAlthough the metal cutting operation using the traditional mechanical or manual technology, laser cutting technology has become the cutting of metal more effectively, increase faster, more cost-effective choice. In the design and application of laser equipment is different from other cutting machine. For example, laser cutting machine does not directly contact materials, rely on a high energy source, cutting tolerance, more stringent and automation, in order to maximize the accuracy.

A laser emission to concentrate a photon of precise area of the workpiece on the flow, so that the trimming excess material to the workpiece to a specific design and shape. These machines are highly effective in cutting, various grades of steel, such as stainless steel and carbon steel. However, laser is a light reflective or thermal conductivity is low efficiency of metal, such as aluminum or copper, need specific modifications to create these materials. In the material to be cut is often decided to create the types used in laser, make it become the important matching equipment specifications, with the formation of inventory.

Laser cutting steelSteel material thickness, such as plate or reinforced sheet, usually with CO2 laser cutting, because they have a higher power capacity than other laser model. In general, the thicker steel plate, the more it cut the power required, the beam intensity and the optimum cutting speed depends largely on the laser thickness ratio. Unlike many mechanical cutting, laser cutting can produce hole size is significantly smaller than the thickness of the steel, sometimes as low as 1/5 the size of the workpiece.

Although usually not in anything close to 20 mm thickness cutting steel Nd:YAG laser, optical fiber system can enhance and oxygen gas mechanism makes the crystal based, to cut steel workpiece thick. This modification using laser preheating oxygen catalytic exothermic reaction, to assist in cutting steel.

Laser cutting
of aluminum and stainless steelDifferent from the standard grade or carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel is the reflection of light and thermal conductivity of metal, so it can be difficult to manufacture laser they use cutting process. A possible solution involves the use of compressed gas technology power setting higher plus. The use of gas and cutting operation is very common. The ability of nitrogen and oxygen assisted laser cutting machine can be aluminum and stainless steel mold at relatively high, and provide high quality edge finish. However, the power consumption and the peripheral equipment of higher costs, such as gas or air filter, can raise the cost of such systems,the prospect of laser cutter machine for sale is very good.

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