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Laser marking machine laser chip running theory

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In order to more accurately analyze the theoretical laser marking machine running laser chip, flake laser marking machine has built up a substantial mathematical model of the system as a continuous laser. Model, flaky laser theoretical analysis in three steps, three steps to the test device has been achieved on the basis of:

① The first step in considering the absorption of pump power with the temperature change and the change in inversion, using stimulated crystal distribution of the pump power trace lMonte-Carlo method; ② The second step calculates the temperature of the crystal distribution. To calculate the heat loss include: conversion loss and coating pump photon and laser photon energy level of the pump radiation and laser radiation absorption loss between; ③ The third step is to calculate the number of population inversion and the laser output power. Provided that a plane parallel resonator infinitely short. Repeating steps 1-3 until a steady state is obtained,the laser marking machine price is reasonable.

By IMonte-Carlo ray tracing method, the distribution of the pump power absorbed in the crystal of the absorbent means for statistical processing, tracking of the optical path of light generated by the total of any pump photon optical systems. Initial conditions are chosen pumping radiation wavelength assignment, angle and power density distribution and allocation of trials using parameters determined by matching the pump source. With this process, any pump source such as a single optical fiber, optical fiber, or a bunch of holes through the laser diode stack (also seen as a source) imaging, can be used as a pumping source sheet laser.

Each photon source at an arbitrary position at the beginning of the axial light at any angle, and the pump starts to any wavelength within the cavity. Along the system through various mirrors and crystals to track the path of photons to set the number of times until the photon photon is absorbed by the crystal, leaving the mirror, wafer or system. Number of photons absorbed by the crystal unit cell by calculating the number of crystal is divided.

Fiber laser marking machine in the process of laserLaser marking machine adopts different laser processing, its performance will be different, laser marking machine is widely used in various industries, for the development of open market.

Fiber laser for overcoming the laser marking machine solid state laser beam quality in maintenance, calibration possibility by output power limitation. The laser beam quality depends on the end of optical fiber refractive index profiles and optical fiber refractive index profile, ultimately depends on the geometrical dimensions and activation of the numerical aperture of the waveguide. In the dissemination of fundamental mode laser oscillation has nothing to do with external factors. This means that with the other usually (even the semiconductor pump laser marking machine) solid-state laser, laser marking machine fiber laser no thermo optic effect. Such as the prism effect caused by thermal activation in the area and caused by stress birefringence effect will lead to the decline of the beam quality, when the pump energy transport, fiber laser even at high output power is not observed efficiency decreases. In addition, the fiber laser, the heat load induced by the pump process will be extended to more areas, because has a large surface area to volume ratio, disadvantage is the thermal effect easier to remove, so relative to the laser solid-state semiconductor pumped fiber laser, a small rise in core temperature. So the laser work due to the continuous increase of temperature led to quantum efficiency decay, which is in the secondary position in the fiber laser geometry.

Because the required active medium length is determined by the pump absorption required pumping point size, when designing an ultimate pump body laser device, limiting the confocal parameters of pump by the pump radiation density. This situation and the waveguide device is a little different. The pump radiation is in the fiber core part of emission, pumping radiation continues along the fiber communication and maintain the spot size, until completely absorbed, resulting in a lot of pump intensity time interaction length. Due to the high density activated core, pumping radiation and laser radiation interaction length, in the active fiber is observed at various laser transition. Weak absorption or weak three grade transition in continuous wave laser operation can be developed, usually in the laser marking machine in solid state lasers cannot easily reached, even if the visible and ultraviolet laser transition through effective particle number and absorption of two or more lower energy photons energy excited state population inversion. Near infrared pumping radiation can therefore directly into visible light wave band laser radiation (up conversion laser process),the prospect of laser marking machine for sale is very good.

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