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laser cutting machine is better that compared with the traditional processing mode

Author:     Date:14-07-10, 02:41 AM

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The development of the social economy has led the people to improve the material requirements, this is a big challenge for the production and processing enterprises, a good appearance effect can bring higher profit value, so in the processing requirements must be very strict, especially processing sheet metal metal. General sheet metal processing people are accustomed to wire cutting, or traditional flame cutting, cutting, cutting way has many disadvantages, the cutting effect is just passable, greatly increasing the processing cost. So a lot of processing enterprises have started to pay attention to the latest popular laser slowly cutting way -- laser cutting machine. What is the laser cutting machine? Compared with the traditional processing mode is better where the laser cutting machine?

Laser cutting machine is composed of a laser generator, control and drive system, laser cutting machine, light guide optical path system, cutting head, table several, guide rail; pneumatic rotary fixture, jig pitched rotary, automatic loading and unloading device, chillers, cold and dry machine, power supply etc.. It mainly depends on the laser emission processing laser workpiece surface and high density, so that the surface of the rapid melting and evaporation, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting or engraving. In the operation the complete liberation of the double, just need to product drawings input into a computer, the machine will work according to the input drawings for processing cutting fine, this is cutting equipment traditional not to,the prospect of laser cutters for sale is very good.

The laser cutting machine compared with the traditional way of cutting edge, high-energy laser we summed up the following points;

1, high speed: laser cutting a few meters pipe within a minute, hundreds of times from the traditional manual mode, which means that the laser processing has the advantages of high efficiency.

2, flexibility: laser flexible processing of various shapes, the designers can expand the complex design, which is inconceivable in the traditional processing methods.

3, batch processing: tube length is 6 meters, the adoption of traditional processing methods need to be very bulky clamping, and laser processing can be very simple to complete several meters long pipe clamping and positioning, which makes possible the batch processing.

4, high precision: the traditional pipe cutting adopt manual, so the partial each truncated have difference, and the laser processing to adopt the same set of fixture system by programming software to complete the design, processing, and a complete multi-step processing, high precision. In modern manufacturing, precision is essential, laser processing molding so that each component has the same size,the prospect of laser cutting machine for sale is very good.

The advantage of laser cutting compared with traditional plate processing method?
Laser laser cutting machine cutting is the irradiation of a laser beam to release the energy to make the workpiece surface melting and evaporation, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting and engraving, which has the advantages of high precision, quick cutting, not limited to the cutting pattern restriction, automatic typesetting material saving, incision smooth, low processing cost, will be gradually improved or replace the traditional metal cutting processing equipment.

Compared with the traditional method of sheet metal processing, laser cutting machine which has high cutting quality of (cutting width is narrow, small heat affected zone, incision smooth) speed, high flexibility, high cutting (optional cutting arbitrary shape), a wide range of material adaptability advantages. At the same time, the fiber laser cutting machine because it is an all solid state, so the maintenance is more convenient, do not need to spend too much energy, saving surplus labor time.

With the transformation and upgrading of Chinese manufacturing, laser cutting machine has been more and more metal processing companies to accept and use. Metal laser cutting machine is a high power density and energy generated by a focused laser to achieve,the prospect of laser cutter machine for sale is very good.

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