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How to prolong the service life of laser marking machine

Author:     Date:14-07-01, 10:26 PM

laser marking machineLaser marking machine is one of the world's most advanced laser equipment, laser welding machine, laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine, laser equipment, is a product of the development of laser technology. Laser marking machine is a very wide range of applications, non metal, metal marking use laser marking machine, so many manufacturers are beginning to choose laser marking machine. Many customers are asked to extend the laser marking machine will choose the time of life? Below we to answer,the laser marking machine price is reasonable.

Laser maintenance must be carried out by specially trained personnel, otherwise easy to produce artificial damaged.

(1) equipment operating personnel can often use black paper check the laser spot, once found the phenomenon facula or uneven energy decrease, should be timely to the laser resonant cavity is adjusted, to ensure that the laser output beam quality. Warning: This product belongs to the four type of laser device, laser radiation directly can produce serious damage to human skin, especially the eyes blind, commissioning and operating personnel must possess the laser safety knowledge, work must wear special laser protective glasses at 1.064mm wavelength.

Care must be taken when the strong laser irradiation to the wood and other flammable materials will produce fire, vso3uy debugging process should be in a light path is provided laser output of a black metal material with good performance as the beam stop, prevent to cause fire accident. Laser adjustment must be carried out by specially trained personnel, otherwise they will be offset or offset the damage caused by the laser light path of other components.

(2) in order to guarantee the laser has been in a normal working state, continuous work for two weeks or stop using for a period of time, before starting the first response component of YAG rod, medium diaphragm and lens protection glass optical path are examined, to determine the optical component is not abnormal phenomenon of dust pollution, mildew, such as the above phenomenon should be timely treatment, to ensure that all optical components can not be damaged under strong laser irradiation.

(3) the purity of water laser cooling technique is the key to guarantee the laser output efficiency and laser cavity component life, use should conductivity checked weekly internal circulating water, the conductivity of 30.5MW · cm, monthly must be replaced deionized water an internal circulation, the new injection water conductivity must be 32MW. Cm. Always observe the column ion exchange in the cooling system of color change, once found the exchange column resin color to dark brown or black, should replace the resin immediately.

Laser marking machine in cigarette sprinkle industry application.Laser marking machine in all walks of life played a big role, become the indispensable good helper, alcohol and tobacco industry security is very important, so the laser marking machine in the tobacco industry is particularly important.

Laser technology high marking machine can print various at various material on the packaging of high-speed clearly can not be altered graphics, text, such as digital information; general in the cigarette case, wine bottle with a wide range of. Laser special function object is unique, can effectively prevent the fake and shoddy products circulation and trans regional sales, goods; in the product packaging and carton packaging, bar code printing number, destination information, and to connect to the database system, the label's function is not self-evident.

Like the metal marking machine laser marking machine with printing random code or security code function, still can make a bottle of wine or a small bottle cap has a separate code, identification, fast and convenient, but also the packing box can be price, promotions and other information is printed in wine, can effectively control the liquor sales price, to prevent market volatility.

With the development of electronic technology, laser and computer technology in combination, as long as the users in computer programming, can realize the output laser shoot. At the same time also made clear marks on the surface of some material or concave irregular, with "a dozen double labeled" or "straddle sign" unique effect, not easy to imitate. A laser beam can form very fine, in the thin surface width can reach 0.1 mm.

Laser marking machine application in tobacco special marker has epoch-making significance, it changes some simple functions of printing in the traditional sense, the marking a more precise, professional,the prospect of laser marking machine for sale is very good.

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