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Fiber laser cutting machine application and characteristics

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fiber laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine project name telegraph terminal, ~tlM "B Z" anti jamming system number 04 - 44 technical indexes to improve the signal / interference ratio: when the interference frequency and signal frequency difference is 200Hz, which can improve more than 20dB, 150H2, can improve 15dB, 100H2, increased 10dB or more, and based on the narrowband filter, suppressing white noise interference further. To reduce the error rate by the report: Liu! Than experimental statistics shows that, under the conditions of strong interference, the "B Z" after the treatment, the error rate can be decreased to 2.15gb from 48.6gb. The best input level: 02. A 0.6V, weight: 650g, volume: 13X10X6cm,: 25V DC power supply. Ge domestic initiative, no foreign similar reports, than the ordinary narrow linear filtering method for receiving anti interference ability is strong, with advanced. 1983 on the electronic part two prize and the National Education Commission of outstanding scientific achievement award,the prospect of laser cutting machine for sale is very good.

Fiber laser cutting machine use and characteristics for wireless shortwave radio interference. The system in the short wave radio can be equipped troops, post and telecommunications, transportation, geological, meteorological and other units, to catch the high anti-interference ability to extend the replacement cycle, avoid the equipment to update the economic burden, in addition, also can be assembly design in the radio receiver model to further enhance its anti-jamming ability. The forecast of economic benefit of this system is low cost, high profit, there is a huge potential market, if the annual production and sales of 1000, profit of about one hundred thousand yuan. Provide ways to transfer, to several samples, responsible for technical training. Using the technology condition of equipment investment, technology transfer fee to 10000 yuan, the main equipment has dual trace oscilloscope +Q low frequency, sweep frequency signal generator, production personnel 6 people, plant area of 20m2, the main raw material with transistors, resistors and capacitors. For the transfer of units to provide the main equipment, additional equipment costs L yuan. The name of the project of high power pulse forming network number 04 - 45 technical indexes of working voltage, can be designed according to user needs; width: two, 3 - 50p.s (scheduled by the user); frontier: 15 20g6T; (scheduled by the user): after edge, 15 - 20%T; the top UPS: 1 0.1g6 repetition frequency;: 50 -- 1000 (P / s); CNC laser cutting machine structure: diversity can be designed according to user requirements. The product is in the leading position in the domestic and foreign counterparts, especially in the ratio of performance to price than the domestic and foreign counterparts. In 1984 won the two prize in Guizhou province,the prospect of laser cutters for sale is very good.

Fiber laser cutting machine accelerator device linear acceleration and inch

Fiber laser cutting machine use and characteristics as well as the accelerator facility, linear acceleration section. It is to produce a high team department can directly affect the tactical and technical index of the system of quality, the product technology has opened a phase shifting capacitor skewer, especially can be applied in electric power system. Provide ways to associate into. Laser cutting machine using the Ares technology equipment investment needs of l0 million yuan, production staff of 20 people, plant area of 100m2. Project name dry miniaturization pulsed 3-5 network number 04 - 46 technical indexes of working voltage: 8kV, 10kV or higher; width: 0.32 42p.s; frontier: 0.02 4P, s; 0.08 8lls; along: repetition frequency: 600 - 4000 (P / s) all of the above can be based on user needs design and production. Metal laser cutting machine use and characteristics of this product is the main part of the radar transmitter tube modulator, the pulse waveform with its formation, its quality directly affects the performance of listed transmitter. This product can be used in tactical, strategic radar and other radar, this technique can also be applied to high voltage, high frequency, special capacitors in electronic equipment. CNC laser cutting machine manufacturers to provide a way into the pool, only to sell products.

Using the technology conditions for preparation of investment 20000 yuan, the main equipment has a high degree of vacuum impregnation equipment, corona tester (vacuum >1X10: mmHg), production staff of 20 people. Project high-voltage isolation name dry epoxy resin perfusion It, device number 04 - 47 technicalindicators of potential: 40kY (DC); test voltage 60kV (DC) 8 hours full load working temperature ≤ 10 degrees, can design according to user requirements, the element has the advantages of novel design, reasonable structure, small volume (3X10, cm- light weight (8), snake) compared with similarproducts at home and abroad, the volume and the weight is reduced by 1 / 2, and low manufacturing cost, less production procedure, short cycle, highrate of finished products, is the domestic advanced level. Laser cutting machine use and characteristics of the product has been widely used in radar transmitter of different voltage levels, power level, and can also be used for laser, accelerator and other electronic devices, as a high voltage isolation filament (pulse) transformer. Provide ways to transfer,the prospect of laser cutter machine for sale is very good.

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