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Analysis of the principle of laser cutting machine using pulse perforation

Author:     Date:14-07-08, 01:10 AM

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When the general use of laser cutting machine, in order to ensure better cutting effect as well as the incision condition, pulse perforation is a common technique. You may know a lot about pulse perforation of the concept is not, let's give you a brief introduction,the prospect of laser cutters for sale is very good.

Laser cutting machine drilling samples
Pulse perforation pulse wavelength is the use of laser produced high performance, piercing to the work surface, and rapidly over technology process several times and continuous cutting, laser frequency so that the laser cutting machine in normal. This work is the use of pulse perforation principle of laser cutting.

According to the cutting mode, change the way the main pulse width and frequency, to process the effect is common, as a kind of cutting technology, laser cutting through the perforation pattern repeatedly, then slot according to para mobile platform for formation of cutting, laser cutting machine without a punching device, the following processing effect have;

Pulse perforation is the use of high power pulsed laser moment will be a melting and vaporization process materials, in order to get a control processing range influence material, therefore when processing the hole, not a diffusion of oxygen pressure, ensure the cutting size, to ensure that the injection of each laser produced a gradually in-depth, making either the process of thick material or soft materials are only a short time, for CO2 lasers in general, will have an adaptation performance testing, gas path this pulse perforation method of control system in the widely used, so the achievement CO2 laser in the cutting of metal and non-metallic materials,the prospect of laser cutting machine for sale is very good.

Laser cutting machine two perforation method.Laser cutting machine "perforation" refers to the material to be cut (plate, pipe and so on) on a small hole, in general all thermal cutting technology needs to do, is not exceptional also laser without punching device of cutting machine. The following for you to explain two kinds of laser cutting machine "perforation" method, for the majority of users application and reference:

First,pulse perforation
Perforation is the principle of pulse with high peak power pulse laser to make a small amount of material melting or vaporization, usually by air or nitrogen gas as auxiliary. Each laser pulse gradually thorough, once the perforation completion, will be immediately replaced the oxygen cutting auxiliary gas.

Second, blasting perforation
The work principle of blasting hole is material by continuous laser irradiation in the center to form a pit, and then by the oxygen flow with laser beam coaxial molten material removal will soon form a hole. The size and the thickness of plate, the plate thickness of blasting perforation can only be used for waste.

Laser cutting machine two perforation method comparison:
Pulse perforation perforation quality than blasting perforation, but the pulse perforation cost is also high, need to have a reliable pneumatic control system.

In the industrial production to change the average laser power, pulse width and frequency to achieve high quality mainly by cutting,the prospect of laser cutter machine for sale is very good.

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